Songwriting Services

Willow Family Band can also provide you with song for hire services. Wil can write you a song on any topic in any style.  We do songs for special events, radio ads, and your own personal anthems!  Below are some examples of our work:

My One and Only You

John wanted to surprise his wife with a special gift for her 50th birthday.  He asked Wil, whom he has known for many years, to write her a song.  This was the result.  At her surprise party, the song upstaged the rather large diamond ring that was her other birthday present!  Click to hear the song: One and Only


KA Ranch

 KA Ranch sells BBQ Sauce, Salsas, Dry Rubs and other Homemade BBQ condiments in Texas.  They asked us for a 30 second radio ad.  Here it is:  KA Ranch